Yasmine has published four plays and an essay.


Le Prince charmant, her first play, has been read at the Théâtre de la Tempête, and at the Théâtre 13 in Paris. Mademoiselle, her second play, has been selected by the Authors’ Commission of the Comédie Française. In 2014, the French Compagnie Des Mots et des Actes gave two public readings of the play in Paris. Mademoiselle, Le Prince charmant, Le Chinois vert à pattes jaunes and Umaël et moi have been published (in French) by the Editions Le Solitaire.


In 2015, Yasmine has published Quel dommage que tu ne sois pas plus noire (Editions Max Milo, Paris, France). In 2020, she published Noires mais blanches, blanches mais noires (Editions L’Harmattan, Paris, France).